Surgical simulation

Surgical simulation is a specialization in the general concept of medical simulation, in which students and professionals are trained and educated in modern surgical interventions, using the latest advances in technology for surgical simulators. Surgical simulation has long been one of the leading specialties in medicine, including simulation, along with anesthesiology. This is due to the high costs, loads and risks of surgery, combined with the specific need to train coordinated hand and eye movements using specialized tools. It has been proven that h

The simulation reduces costs, medical errors and the rate of fatal infection, while improving the productivity of the provider. There are high-quality surgery simulators for special areas of Laparoscopic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Traumatic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery. These products can educate both new students and help perfect mastery for working professionals by using integrated curricula, statistical reporting based on results such as numbers or movements, and screen recording for teachers parsing and evaluating actions.

Complete solutions for surgical simulation

For example, VirtaMed develops and manufactures highly realistic surgical simulators for medical training. Surgeons use original instruments to train in a safe environment before performing operations on patients.

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