Medical simulation

Medical simulation is the modern methodology for training health professionals through the use of modern educational technologies. Medical simulation is the experiential training that every student or medical professional needs, but cannot always be involved in real patient care. Medical simulation is also called healthcare simulation, patient simulation, surgical simulation, clinical simulation and others. During the immersive medical simulation, trainees enter a realistic health environment in which there is a simulation of patients (different types of mannequins), they are wirelessly by on-site staff, but also virtual stimulation staff medical and technical staff. Medical simulation can include many components such as:, patient simulation, nurse simulation, surgical simulation and clinical simulation. Patient simulators are mannequins that create the most realistic realistic medical scenarios. Breastfeeding Simulators Surgery Simulators Birth Simulators Surgical Simulator The patient’s simulation is transmitted digitally in real time to other students and recorded for playback during the learning process. The facilitator (trainer) manages the technical control of the manikin for the duration of the experiment. This expert with strong medical expertise, which can give different medical options when performing the simulation

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